Ape Web Apps

Age Scanner
Age Scanner 2
Air Horn
Air Raid Siren
AK 47
Alien High
Animal Sounds
Ant Squash
Ape City
Ape Punch
Applause Light
Asteroid Impact
Attack of the Flies
Balloon Tunes
Barrel River
Boom Feed
Bright Lights
Cat Sounds
Censor Bleep
Christmas Sounds
City Sounds
Colonial Tycoon
Coloring Book
Death 3D
Death Scanner
Dog Whistle
Dress Up Grandpa
Dress Up Obama
Electric Shaver
End of the Earth
EZ Composer
EZ Database
EZ Diary
EZ Letter Maker
EZ Outliner
Fail Sounds
Fart Machine
Fart Mine
Find My Car
Finger Paint
Fingerprint Luck Scanner
Gone Rogue
GPS Speedometer
Halloween Slot Machine
Halloween Soundboard
Hangman Online
Honeybee Hijinks
Ice Cream Truck
Internet Speed Booster 2
IQ Scanner
Laser Sword
LED Flashlight
Level Up
Lie Detector
Love Detector
MASH Party
Mongo Dash
Mongo Madness
Monster Detector
Mood Scanner
Mr Body
Musical Kittens
My Business Empire
My Colony
My Criminal Empire
My Land
My Planet
My Starship
My Tokens
Naughty or Nice
Ninja Level Up
PDF Document Scanner
Pew Pew Pew
Pizza Chef
Police Lights
Popping Bubbles
QR Code Generator
Red Wave
Revenge of the Titanic
Run Pig Run
Siren Sounds
Spirit Scanner
Strobe Light
Stun Gun
Teddy Bear Terror
The Grid
Troll Defense
Troll Land
Turbo Tank
Unicorn Pop
War Sounds
Weight Scanner
Whistle Soundboard
Whoopee Cushion
Words of Light
Zombie Radar


Ape Web Apps is a collection of awesome and free HTML5 based web applications and games that you can play right from within your browser, with no plugins required. These free games and apps are optimized to work on devices of any size, from desktop to mobile, and even on your television. Most games feature full gamepad support as well. Ape Web Apps is provided as a free online service from Ape Apps.


All apps listed on Ape Web Apps are Progressive Web Apps. You can learn more about Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) here: https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/. Essentially, once you load one of the following apps or games once on a modern web browser, you will be able to come back and run them again even without an active internet connection In addition, all apps can be 'installed' to your desktop or homescreen and then be opened in their own 'native' window, without browser chrome! Finally, many of the apps listed here (especially the games) include full gamepad support and even work on TV devices like the Amazon Fire TV or the Xbox One!


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Ape Web Apps is provided as a free online service from Ape Apps. We also offer a wide collection of free mobile and desktop applications. See the entire listing of Ape Apps software and services at the Ape Apps Directory. For the latest Ape Apps news and information, check out the official Ape Apps Blog. For Ape Apps support and discussion, be sure to check out the Ape Apps Forum.

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